UPW - UFABC Physics Week

The anual meeting of the physics community in the university

Our history

Occurring every year since 2008, the UFABC School of Physics has become a traditional event in the institution's calendar, always happening at the beginning of its third academic term. Seeking to renew its format, maintaining some characteristics of success but also adding new values ​​to the event, the Postgraduate Program coordination team introduced in 2014 a new format for the annual community event, as the UFABC Physics Week, or simply UPW. The main goals of this meeting is to congregate the research Physics community at UFABC, adopting a format of an international scientific meeting, with oral communications sessions composed of presentations by Master's, PhD students, and postdocs. Each day of the event will include one or more Keynote Speaker, a specialist in one of the post-graduation program research areas. During the event, there will be also some "Physics for All" talks, focused on the undergraduate students and dissemination of physics to the general public. These lectures should be very introductory and in Portuguese.  
One of the main goals of UPW is encouraging the practice of English communication in academic activities, creating an environment affordable to internationalisation. Master's and PhD students have to present compulsory talks. The presentation is evaluated by a small faculty board and can replace the student anual activity report.The PNPD post-docs also have to present compulsory talks but the anual report is not replaced by the talk. For PNPD post-docs the anual report is mandatory. 

label_outlineMaster's students must present slides in English, but may choose speak Portuguese.

label_outlinePhD students should present slides in English and should make their talks as well as interact with the evaluation board in English. Each member of the evaluation board should assess whether the student is proficient in English compatible with what is expected for a doctor in physics. Students considered PROFICIENT by the board at UPW will be exempted from the presentation of other proficiency tests, as provided by the Programme Internal Rules, for the conclusion of their doctorate programme.

label_outlinePostdoctoral researcher should present slides in English and should make their talks in English.

label_outlineThe presentations take typically 15 or 20 minutes, flowed by a short question section by the evaluation board and the audience.

Important dates of the next UPW

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All students and postdocs of the Postgraduate Program in Physics of UFABC are automatically enrolled in the UPW. Students from other postgraduate programme, or undergraduates, can attend the event without registration. If you would like your name to appear on attendance lists, in order to get a attendance certificate, you need to register. If you would like to submit a poster presentation, you also need to apply.

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Organising committee 

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