Why choose the postgraduate physics program at UFABC

here are some good reasons

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High impact research and internationalization

According to a recent publication organized by FAPESP, UFABC has the highest rate of scientific impact and internationalization of all postgraduate courses in the field of physics in Brazil. The research carried out at UFABC focuses on impact and the real advancement of scientific and technological knowledge with intense international collaboration.

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Modern and comprehensive lines of research

With around 35 supervisors and modern research lines, we cover a wide range of experimental and theoretical research areas with a strong international focus.

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Excellent infrastructure for research

The university has well-equipped laboratories that comply with all security standards, a wide variety of large/medium multi-user equipment, as well as high-performance scientific computing resources.

News, information and updates!

See below some recent news related to research developed in our postgraduate program (PT-BR)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Selection and Enrollment

Can I go to the Graduate Department to apply for the selection process?

No. Applications can only be made electronically. More information can be obtained here.

Must I have the prior acceptance of a supervisor to participate in the selection process?

Yes. It is necessary to have the approval of an advisor. Contact possible advisors to check their availability for guidance and the existence of research projects in the desired areas. It is important to always check the requirements of the public notice of the selection process..

Can I be accepted if there are no advisors available on the research topic that interests me?

Not. We recommend that candidates inform themselves about the research lines of each accredited program advisor

How many entries do the courses have per year? What are the dates?

The selection and ranking process for scholarships takes place twice a year and more information can be obtained here. The PPG-Physics/UFABC may offer, via a specific Public Notice, a selection for admission to the master's/doctoral course in continuous flow for students who choose not to receive a scholarship from the institutional quota of the Program.

Can I enroll in 2 master's and/or doctoral courses at UFABC or another public institution?

It is not possible to be linked to 2 vacancies in Brazilian public universities. The student must choose one of them within 5 working days, after the publication of the approved list, communicating their choice to the institution(s).

What is the system for offering disciplines for the Master's/Doctorate in Physics at UFABC?

The subjects are taught on a quadrimestral (four-month) basis, divided into 3 periods of approximately 12 weeks throughout the year.

Does the PPG-Physics/UFABC offer scholarships?

Yes. The postgraduate program has quotas for institutional and funding agency scholarships. The number of scholarships is limited and availability depends on several factors. It is advisable to contact potential advisors to prepare a research project and submit a scholarship application to FAPESP.

I have not yet completed all credits in my undergraduate course. Can I apply for the selection process?

Yes, but at the time of enrollment in the course you must present an official certificate of completion of the undergraduate course.

What are the course timetables?

 Courses are offered during daytime hours. The list of class schedules and subjects offered can be checked at the PROPG website.