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Data: Quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2020 às 14h00.
Local: Google Meet:
Palestrante: Herculano Martinho (UFABC)
Titulo: Biophotonics & Nanotechnology as Tools for the New Challenge in Medicine: The Establishiment of the Precision Medicine

In the current stage of medicine the clinical diagnosis of a patient is based on the analysis of clinical tests, comparison with physiological and genetic standard parameters, high precision medical imaging, and detection of metabolites in biofluids such as blood and urine. In spite of the broad available arsenal for measuring and characterizing the homeostasis there is a large amount of reported cases of patients with similar symptoms and diagnostic parameters as well, but undergoing distinct pathologies. Moreover, it is not rare that different individuals present different responses to the same treatment. The settling of precision and personalized medical diagnosis and therapy (labeled theranostics) taking into account personal needs and the potential response is the actual big challenge of medicine. This is also named precision medicine. Strategies to overcome this challenge include the establishment of new biomarkers, the dynamic molecular response characterization, and the design of new therapeutic methods. In this talk we will present the main questions to be addressed in the fascinating world of precision medicine and discuss how new nano-vibrational spectroscopy tools could be a key tool driving the advances.


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